My Story

LiVeTaSte is an acronym for my full name Linn Veronica Tangstad Stenhaug, a versatile artist and educator raised in Trondheim, Norway.

I am educated as a teacher of design, arts and crafts, a project manager, fashion designer, dressmaker, yoga teacher… And an accounts clerk. Some might call it a strange mix. I call it creative.

Nowadays you’ll find me in South West France, where I teach yoga, make art, do web and graphic design, take photos, sew and bake delicious vegan cookies.

Together with my partner in crime Jean Ravau I also find the time to post a belated article on the photoblog PermAdventure now and then.

On request I offer several types of lessons, such as in drawing, web design and crafts; dressmaking being one of them. People tell me I’m good at mentoring.

My path to


In 2011 a friend of mine asked me to join her for a yoga class. At the time I had a stressful desk job, and the calmness of the yoga captured me immediately.

As I immersed myself into yoga, I also changed my career choice, as I listened more to what my stressed-out body and mind were trying to tell me. Alongside my new studies as a teacher of design, arts and crafts, I also started teaching yoga in 2013.

After my two first years of teaching yoga, I spent four months in Thailand in 2015 to learn more about yoga and meditation, both for teaching and my personal practice. It was there that I also discovered Qigong, and some of it’s philosophy has rubbed off on my yoga teaching style.

I have had the honour of practicing with and learning yoga from several experienced teachers, including

Arts and Crafts

As a kid I wanted to do all sorts of things growing up (which I kind of do now, come to think of it). One thing I often said when people asked, was that I wanted to be an artist. I still remember the drawings I made in kindergarden! I loved to draw, and I would host drawing lessons with my classmates at home after school.

Design, arts and crafts were my favourite subjects in school. Thanks to two great teachers I learned sewing, weaving, crocheting, sculpting, paper making, wood work, wood turning and metal work before the age of 16!

Next I did three more years of schooling within arts and crafts with specialization in drawing. I got to learn many drawing techniques, but also felting, pottery and jewellery making to name a few things.

After “going astray” working in the world of finance and accounts, I later returned to (one of) my true callings; a bachelor’s degree as a teacher in design, arts and crafts (University of South-Eastern Norway) in 2015. This is quite a huge degree, as it involves pedagogy, didactics, group psychology, as well as drawing, painting, sewing, hat making, pottery, wood work, photography, digital creation, jewellery making, knitting and crocheting. Although it was stressful at times, these three years were some of my best so far! And to think I wasn’t sure I’d like studying again at the age of 30+…


From early on I’ve dreamt of clothes that I couldn’t find in the shops. Therefore I went to the capital of Norway in 2002 to learn how to design and sew clothes myself (University of Oslo).

To learn even more a two year long apprenticeship as a dressmaker followed. In this time I made traditional Norwegian costumes, bespoke dresses and repairs (Haugtussa & Lilly Modell). This resulted in a Norwegian diploma specific for dressmaking.

Web Development

In 2012 I had a stressful desk job, and was longing back to the days of drawing, designing and working on creative projects. A grey easter I researched website builder platforms and created an online portfolio for my previous student work, much to motivate myself to take a step towards a new future.

As a result I got addicted to web design, and ever since I’ve been spending countless hours learning, testing and developing my own website. In 2015 I started helping others make their websites, and in 2016 I was receiving commissions to do complete websites.

Web development has me hooked, as I get to combine my joy for learning, aesthetics and functionality.


To me it comes naturally to help others with subjects that interests me. I myself love to learn new things, and to teach brings me a lot of joy when I see people realising something new, making discoveries and mastering a technique. Whether it’s teaching arts, crafts, sewing, design, web development or yoga; to me it it’s all subjects that I love.

In school and at work I’ve many times functioned as the “teacher’s assistant” or “responsible for training newcomers”, and I’ve often been told I should be a teacher. In 2015 I did get my teacher’s diploma; a bachelor’s degree in design, art and crafts education. It was highly helpful and interesting to learn about pedagogy, didactics, ethics and group psychology, because teaching a group is very different from teaching individuals, which is what I previously had experience with.

Services I Offer

Yoga Classes

In Caylus, Cazals, guesthouses and online

Web Development

Great web design, domain name, hosting, SEO, e-commerce, social media, newsletters and support


Drawings, paintings, illustrations, portraits and photography

Graphic Design

Posters, flyers, business cards, labels, signs, invitations, greeting cards etc.

Arts & Crafts Lessons

Drawing, painting, sculptures, sewing, crocheting and knitting.


Dressmaking, wedding gowns, costumes, redesign, handbags and other accessories