About Me

LiVeTaSte is an acronym for my full name Linn Veronica Tangstad Stenhaug, a versatile artist and educator raised in Trondheim, Norway.

I am educated as a teacher of design, arts and crafts, a project manager, fashion designer, dressmaker, yoga teacher… And an accounts clerk. Some might call it a strange mix. I call it creative.

Nowadays you’ll find me in South West France, where I teach yoga, make art, do web and graphic design, take photos, sew and bake delicious vegan cookies.

Together with my partner in crime, Jean Ravau @ RJ Art, I also find the time to post a belated article on the photoblog PermAdventure now and then.

On request I offer several types of lessons, such as in drawing, meditation, webdesign and crafts; dressmaking being one of them. People do seem to think I’m good at mentoring.

I might otherwise be available for project work, commissions, lectures and advice, depending on the season.


I can offer

Marit / 2015 / drawing / chalk on toned paper / A4 / by artist Linn Veronica T. Stenhaug aka LIVETASTE


Drawings, paintings, illustrations, portraits, nudes, sculptures, installations etc.


Great web site design using WordPress (or Squarespace or Shopify if you prefer), domain name, hosting, SEO, security, e-commerce, support etc.

Website Webdesign Espinas proche de Saint Antonin Noble Val, Tarn et Garonne
Wrist warmers / Tunisian crochet / by Linn Veronica T. Stenhaug aka LIVETASTE


Drawing, painting, sculptures, sewing, crocheting, knitting, jewellery, photography etc. All ages.


Artistic, portraits, events, product photos, guesthouses etc.

Promo video and photo shoot for Jean Ravau aka RJ Art / photo by Linn Veronica T. Stenhaug aka LIVETASTE
Linn Veronica T. Stenhaug aka LIVETASTE


Promos, interviews, short movies, documentaries etc.


Dressmaking, wedding gowns, costumes, redesign, handbags, accessories etc.

Yoga teacher / Linn Veronica T. Stenhaug aka LIVETASTE


A mix between Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga and Therapeutic yoga, with great respect to Pranayama (breathing) as a tool to build trust between body and mind.