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  • Newsletter #04/2019

    Nouveaux cours de yoga avancés | Le blog PermAdventure

  • Newsletter #03/2019

    Atelier crochet tunisien | Site internet d’Artisamor | Site internet de New Flamenco Project

  • Yoga teacher / Linn Veronica T. Stenhaug aka LIVETASTE

    Newsletter #02/2019

    Changement de lieu | Les horaires | Vidéo d’inspiration | Votre avis | Événement textile

  • Newsletter #01/2019

    Tout d’abord : merci à tou•te•s celles et ceux qui ont participé à mes cours de yoga pendant l’année 2018 ! J’espère vous voir régulièrement aux cours de yoga en 2019 aussi… En tout cas, continuez à prendre soin de vous !
    First of all: Thank you to everyone that has participated in my yoga classes during the year 2018! I hope to see you often in my yoga class in 2019 as well… In any case, continue to take good care of yourself!

  • Emancipated Body Expressions / photos and charcoal drawings / by Linn Veronica T. Stenhaug aka LIVETASTE

    The Creation Of Emancipated Body Expressions

    Emancipated Body Expressions …a BA thesis in design, arts and crafts education, with specialization in drawing and visual communication. Research Question: How to photograph and draw emancipated body expressions, as a commission given by a dance and theater company?

  • Tore / 2015 / charcoal / A4 / Reference photo by Dimitri Koutsomytis / drawing by artist Linn Veronica T. Stenhaug aka LIVETASTE

    The Creation Of Unmasked Dignity

    Art project: How do I portray the dignity in someone so others can tell? Research technique: Investigative practice.
    All depicted are sellers of the Norwegian street magazine =Oslo, equivalent to The Big Issue (UK). Reference photos by Dimitri Koutsomytis, =Oslo no. 4, 2005.

  • Uplifting Construction / woodwork / sculpture / by Linn Veronica T. Stenhaug aka LIVETASTE

    The Creation Of Uplifting Construction

    Assignment: Make an aesthetic architectural object of wood that consist of a pine box measuring 17 x 17 x 17 cm and a supporting wooden structure that is able to hold the box up from the ground (with the possibility of combining a few other materials).

  • Cheese Box / steamed wood / by Linn Veronica T. Stenhaug aka LIVETASTE

    The Creation Of Wooden Kitchenware

    Assignment: 1. Make salad cutlery from a fresh cut log, using mainly an axe and a knife. Technique: Whittling. 2. Make a small box. Technique: Steamed wood. 3. Make an object that can contain something. Technique: Steamed wood.