Need A Website?

Build Your Own Website

I can help!

Not too sure where to start, or maybe how to do the finishing touches on your website? Together we can define goals, visual identity and site structure, or I’ll hold your hand while you take the last steps towards publishing your site.

And wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do future changes on your own website? I’ll show you how to do updates, add information and publish photos and articles.

There is no use in having a fancy website if no one sees it. I can give you pointers on how to draw more traffic to your site via Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google my business, social media accounts and newsletters.

Commission A Website

Don’t have the time, computer skills, design skills or interest to make a website yourself, even with help? Maybe your website needs a more complex structure and requires a professional approach? Let me make it for you!

I create great looking and practical websites using CMS WordPress, or website builders like the ones mentioned above if it’s better suited to your needs.

I also help to set up domain name and hosting, SEO, e-commerce, backup, maintenance and support.


Consulting services

from €30 per hour

Redesign of an already existing website

from €400

A simple one page website (shop window)

from €500

Website with 3-5 pages and some extra functions

from €800

Website with more than 5 pages and/or special functions

from €1000

Ecommerce (online store) website

from €1500

Expenses for domain name and hosting are not included, but billed yearly directly from the provider(s).

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