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As we approach the holiday season in a year of uncertainty, I believe many could use a yoga class or more to relax. In France we don’t have the right to gather to do yoga in real life at the moment, and therefore many of my usual students have joined my online classes instead. For some, especially introverts, this might be even better than having to go to a class where it’s not always easy to forget about the other students and only focus on yourself.

If you know someone who could benefit from online yoga classes in the comfort of their own home, why not give a gift voucher for one class, or more? In a world of big cooperations and consumerism, a voucher from a small sole trader business (like myself!) for a service that focuses on wellbeing and health rather than a “thing” is a good choice for someone you care about. If you are in need of some self care, then maybe get a voucher for yourself as well!

To buy a gift voucher, also known as a gift card or gift certificate, you can click directly on the preferred one below, or go to the booking page and choose among the listed items under Payment.

For more info about the online classes, please read this.

1 class: €12

3 classes: €36

5 classes: €60

10 classes: €100

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