Mauvais Coton website


I was approached by Mauvais Coton, a modern circus company in need of a more intriguing and user-friendly website. Their old website had been created in 2012, and was not at all mobile friendly, or even desktop friendly.

Mauvais Coton’s captivating work like tightrope dancing, acrobatic stunts on their own invention “culbuto” and juggling deserves a proper place in the spotlight. I therefore chose a dynamic, yet minimalist look with lots of white space for the website. This way the focus is on the content, be it videos, photos or text.

As a visitor your interest is immediately sparked by the video header on the welcoming page. A small introduction informs you what Mauvais Coton is and what they offer. For me this makes me want to explore not only their website, but also to go and see all their shows!

A dark red colour for menu, links, and footer sets the theatrical tone of a red curtain about to reveal the play. The title serif font is modern, elegant and decorative. The website has a responsive design, making it easily accessible on all devices.

The new website is in accordance with the latest GDPR rules, with an opt-in cookie banner, cookie policy and legal mentions.

Next up I’ll give the company a training in how to change and add content themselves!

Logo credits: Juan Seu
CMS: WordPress

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