Small Grand Opening & Vernissage

For several years it has been a dream of mine to have an atelier, a workshop, a gallery, where I can both create and share my skills with others. Thanks to friends of friends I found a great spot to do just that in Saint Antonin Noble Val this year.

Saturday 14th of March 2020 I had planned the grand opening and a vernissage, showcasing some of my previous artwork. Flyers were printed and distributed, newsletters and invites were sent, and all artwork were properly framed and mounted on the gallery walls.

Grande ouverture et vernissage flyer

The flyer, by yours truly.

As I hadn’t had time to check in on the outside world much, I was a bit surprised when people asked me if I’d still go through with the opening or not, with this coronavirus out and about… I got hand sanitizers and said yes. A few people came to see the vernissage on its opening day, before the lockdown was announced later that same evening.

I very much appreciated seeing the ones that did dare to come, and I really hope everyone is still in good health ! A special thank you to my dear husband Jean, for helping me get everything ready, for preparing food, for taking photos and for calming my nerves.

Here follows the photos from the day. Hopefully they might give you some joy during these strange days of confinement and physical distancing.

This lady greets you as you pass by the big shop windows.

The timetable as it was planned before the lockdown.

It’s good to have plans, right? As long as you realize you’re not in control of much; whatever happens, happens.

My husband Jean (chef and main photographer for the occasion) getting his shot of caffeine before the opening.

View to the guesthouse La Porte Bleue.

Delicious and colourful hummus canapés made by Jean.

Great fun to see my big scale artwork framed after a few years rolled up in storage in Norway! 70×100 cm.

Lovely people showing an interest; I feel privileged!

Here’s me giving a small talk about the artwork. In French. Still a bit nervous.

Et voila! The artist was happy <3

A quick video tour

Thank you for letting me share my special day with you. Reopening of the atelier after the lockdown caused by Covid-19 to be announced, for now I work from home.


You have power over your mind, not outside events. Realise this, and you will find strength.


Virtual hugs and kisses!



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Anita Tangstadreply
2020-04-18 at 15:38

Fantastic!! I am impressed. Beautiful pictures and well done atelier! I hope you can re-open this year ❤

Veronica @ LIVETASTEreply
2020-04-18 at 15:39
– In reply to: Anita Tangstad

Thank you! I hope so too ❤

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