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If you’re a geek with lots of extra time on your hands, I recommend learning about (not to be confused with and build a website yourself.

Not to thrilled about the idea of a steap learning curve? Does it seem overwhelming to be in charge of hosting, domain name, security and updates?

Try one of these 8 easier online website builders:

Very stylish if done right. Good all-around builder and themes.

Made for Ecommerce websites. Deals with the hassle of complex shop functions.

Great for custom design.

Great for one page websites.


Great for users wanting to customize all details, but one needs a good eye not to make it messy.

Weebly Great for ease-of-use, if you don’t have the need to customize much.

Great for portfolio websites, for photos, illustrations and visual art.

Good for ease-of-use, but with less possibilities to customize your design.

Do you need help?

I do hand-holding sessions, in real life and online.

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