Yoga Classes

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Weekly Group Classes

Welcome to weekly group classes, for the moment in Espinas. The groups are small, with a maximum of 8 students per class, which means personal advice, variations and adjustments.

These classes are open for all, as I always propose different variations of the asanas (postures) depending on the level of the students. Just make sure to not push yourself, your body is the boss, not me, nor your mind!

The class starts with centering breathing techniques, followed by a gentle warm up. From there we might do the sun salutation or moderated variations of it, depending on the abilities of the yogi•ni•s. Dynamic and static postural work follows. We end the session with a calming meditation.

The style is a mix of Vinyasa, Hatha and Nidra yoga.

Classes are primarily taught in French, unless there are only English-speaking students participating. It’s a great way to train your French listening skills in a physical demonstrative way! I do however explain in English whenever needed, and please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Please bring your own yoga mat.



10 am - 11.30 am



10 am - 11.30 am

Beginner & Intermediate

Looking for the intermediate/advanced group classes? They are put on hold for the time being…

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First Trial Pass

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Single Class Pass

12 €

10 Class Pass

100 € (Valid for 4 months)

Payment in class, either in cash or French check written out to “STENHAUG Linn Veronica” (dedicated account for my micro-entreprise)


The guesthouse Les Bouleaux

Lieu-dit Laumière Haute

82160 Espinas

Close to Ginals, Verfeil-sur-Seye, Varen, Fenéyrols, Milhars, Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val, Caylus, Espinas, Laguépie, Najac, Saint Projet, Loze & Puylagarde

Private Classes

I also give private classes to particulars and groups, in my home or at your place, gîte (guesthouse), retreat or workplace. This includes more advanced classes, in the style of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga* or Yin yoga if wanted. Please do not hesitate to contact me for details.

*primary series, only for those who have the strength, agility and knowledge to do complete sun salutations version A and B as warm up.

About The Teacher

In 2011 a friend of mine asked me to join her for a yoga class. At the time I had a stressful desk job, and the calmness of the yoga captured me immediately. 

As I immersed myself into yoga, I also changed my career choice, as I listened more to what my stressed-out body and mind were trying to tell me. Alongside my new studies as a teacher of design, arts and crafts, I also started teaching yoga in 2013.

After my two first years of teaching yoga, I spent four months in Thailand in 2015 to learn more about yoga and meditation, both for teaching and my personal practice. It was there that I also discovered Qigong, and some of it’s philosophy has rubbed off on my yoga teaching style.

I have had the honour of practicing with and learning yoga from several experienced teachers, including

My yoga teaching style is a mix of Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin and Dance yoga, with great respect to Pranayama (breathing) as a tool to build trust between body and mind.


Cours agréable et fluide se renouvelant à chaque séance. Un moment de douceur et un travail corporel et respiratoire profond. Je recommande chaleureusement 

– Françoise Pécharman, March 2018

I am a complete beginner but feel much more confident after only a few lessons. Veronica is a great teacher and the classes are challenging but also lovely and relaxing. I look forward to them every week. Yoga has definitely helped with some aches and pains in my back and arms so I will definitely be continuing.

– Claire Mac, March 2018

Thank you for opening my eyes to yoga! You are such an inspirational, kind and skilled teacher.

– Hilde, March 2017

You are a very good teacher; patient and clear. Your classes are pleasant and hard. Good mix!

– Anita Tangstad, October 2016

One yoga class with you, and I have been hooked since 🙂 You are very patient and good at teaching, and I couldn’t have had a better introduction to the world of yoga than I got from you! Your being is suited for this, thanks to your patience and the safe atmosphere you create in yoga class 🙂 Hope you continue and succeed in this! Thank you very much! 😀

– Ida H. Holte, February 2016

Many thanks for a great year of yoga. You are a skilled teacher Linn Veronica!

– Nikoline Bjåstad Hustadnes, November 2014

Thank you very much for very nice yoga classes 🙂 You are a super talented yoga teacher!

– Janne Stueflaten, November 2014

Thank you SO much for awesome yoga classes!! <3

– Maria Lykke, May 2014

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